Mahun Home Preparedness Guide

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Winter is Coming: How Can You Prepare?

Severe storms can develop very quickly and cause a lot of damage. If you listen to the weather warnings and know that you are in the danger zone, there are several things you can do to prepare for the storm. In this post, we will show you some ways to prepare for big storms.

Pay attention to your yard

If there is furniture in the yard, do something about them. A strong storm can also cause damage to trampolines, roofs, windows and cars. To ensure safety, try to keep outdoor items tidy. You will also have to take some of the items inside your home. Identify which items you can put away and which ones you should secure.

If you are going somewhere on holiday, make sure your items are secure. Before you leave, do what it takes to secure your home. And these security measures often start with the yard.

Clean your gutters and pipes, prevent blockages

When there is a storm forecast, make sure that your downpipes and gutters are clear. You will have to deal with the overflow of water if there are blockages. Look at the valleys of your room. If there are leaves, clear them. In heavy rain, the leaves may get inside the gutters.

How to Clean Your Gutters the Right Way

Make sure the drains are clear so that water does not enter your property. If there is a forecast of heavy rainfall, do not park your car in a low-lying area. The ideal decision is to keep your car in the garage.

Fix your roof

Check your roof to see if there are signs of damage. If there are displaced tiles and cracks, fix them. Remove dirt or buildup from the underside of tiles. You may need to patch or replace damaged roof sheeting.

It is a good idea to talk to an expert tradesperson because you may find it hard to work on a roof.  Every 4-6 years, contact an expert to get your roof inspected. Identify and remedy re-bedding, re-pointing and other issues.

Is your insurance policy adequate?

Checking your insurance policy is an important part of your preparation for big storms. Check the level of cover the insurance policy provides. If you live in an area where strong storms are likely, you should be more serious about your insurance policy. If the storm causes any serious damage to your property, the policy will protect you. Remember, this is not something you can do when there is a forecast. Check your insurance policy and make changes if necessary.

Keep essential items in an emergency kit

Identify the things you can not do without in an emergency situation, and keep those things in an emergency kit. Make sure the container is sturdy and waterproof. Keep the kit in a place where you can easily find it even if there is no light there.

If you can not determine the items you should keep in this kit, the other members of your family may be able to help you. No matter who you are or what you do, you must include essential medications in the list of essential items.

Additionally, you might want to find a quality standby generator to ensure that your power stays on during heavy storms. You can find some of the best home generators at online retailers like Amazon or Home Depot. We suggest looking into how much power your home will require, then finding a reliable model to suite your needs. Brands like Generac and Kohler are household names in the standby generator industry, and we recommend starting your search with them.

Cut overhanging, potentially dangerous branches

If there are many trees in your home, chances are that there are some trees and branches that can be a cause of concern if a strong storm hits. But, before you trip those branches, make sure you follow the guidelines provided by your local council.

It is a good idea to hire a qualified arborist because removing large branches requires expertise and experience. If strong winds are predicted, do not park your car under a large tree.

Important Standby Generator Information

A home standby generator can keep your power on when an outage occurs. This backup electrical system is installed outside the house, and the system operates automatically. If you have a generator installed, you can use electricity uninterruptedly during an outage, because the system starts working within seconds. In this post, we will explain why you need a home standby generator.

A backup generator is like an insurance policy. You do not know when you will need it. Your decision to buy a home standby generator will depend on several factors such as your personal situation and your budget.

This is a machine that will keep all other machines running. So if you think deeply, you will find that a home standby generator is worth its price. If you live in an area with frequent blackouts, you should take this issue seriously.

A backup generator will help you stay connected, and being connected is the most important thing. If you want some peace of mind during blackouts, do not hesitate to invest in a generator. Here are some of the strongest reasons why you need a home standby generator.

Improved home safety

Your home is not safe if there is no electricity, especially at night. Even if you ignore the risks of burglary, it can be dangerous for you to grope in the dark. Children are prone to getting injured in the dark. A home standby generator can improve the safety of your home by providing power during an outage.

Keep your refrigerator running

During an outage, if your refrigerator stops working, all of your food will go bad. In that case you will have to throw away your food. It is time-consuming, annoying, and above all costly.

If the weather compels you to stay home, you will have to depend on the food. In such a situation, a home standby generator is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

No need to stay at a hotel

If the duration of the outage is long, you may need to stay at a hotel. But this is not a cheap option. But if you have a standby generator, you can stay at home, comfortably waiting for electricity to come back. So a home standby generator can save you money in the long run. But it is more about your safety and comfort.

Safety of your basement

The pump in your basement will not keep working if there is a strong storm, and electricity goes out. And if your basement floods, there will be some serious damages. But your sump pump will keep doing its job if you have a standby generator installed in your house.

Effects on insurance policy

Loss migration credit is offered by some insurance companies. Insurance companies will consider a generator as an appliance that can reduce damages. As a result, it will drastically lower your monthly insurance policy.

Prevent pipes from freezing

During the winter, a power outage may mean that you will have to deal with frozen pipes. It will cause not only discomfort but also economic loss. If your pipes freeze, they may end up bursting.

Your home may not receive enough water. To get the pipes repaired, you will have to spend a tidy sum. But if you have a home standby generator, you will not have to worry any of these things.

So if you want to deal with an outage in a calm and relaxed way, you need as home standby generator. It is about your comfort, safety and security.